Where are the GATE questions framed from?


Where are the GATE questions framed from?


GATE paper is set by the GATE paper setting committee which includes multiple Prof. as members of IIT’s submitting different questions from various sources . So, there are no fixed sources for questions of GATE.
So, there can be numerous sources for a question to be taken from like :

95% of the technical questions in GATE are framed from standard textbooks of respective subjects. You can find 50% of questions just copy pasted without data change from std. ref. books.
5% are from there side, which they (GATE Team) frame themselves taking there valuable time out of research (2008 was a year where they really worked out for GATE).
100% of aptitude questions are framed from standard books. But, there are a lot of standard books.

Reading standard reference textbooks is the best way to earn GATE.


You are sure about this point ? because it will become very easy then