Watching video lectures taking too much time and I forget concept afterwards,help mentors?


I have started watching video lectures for different topics ,but after a week of watching them,I knew my concept has become some clear but the progress is very slow and I also forget some of the concepts?How can I take out best from video lectures or any alternate approach?


Video lectures are a good way to clear the concepts,but the process can be lengthy and now with only around 4 months remaining for gate cse 2018,it may hinder your progress.Here I am giving you some strategy you can use if you rely on video lectures for clearing your concept-

(1)Dont watch video lectures like a movie or tvserial.The biggest problem with watching video lectures is you understand all the concepts and problems at the time of watching the lecture because the professors are so high class and they make thing crystal clear for you,but after some days you realise you have a hard time remembering a concept or how to approach a familiar problem.

What you can so is divide lectures into some parts and have a pen and copy ready with you.And then first try to give some effort to the learn the concept.If you have some doubt then go the respective part in video lecture and try to understand it.

Wikipedia is the most underrated thing,please make a habit of reading wikipedia for everything.It may look just a page but it contains all the details and atleast a example.Try to understand that example first and fully understand it.

So focus on learning the basic concept ,work out that example ,that basic problem yourself and give some time to it.atleast half an hour.

So after you are not able to understand a concept ,you can see the respective lecture and jump to the part you are not understanding.


whats you learn in your video lecture you understand that all in practicaly and revise these things two times in a month


Make notes while watching. Mere watching videos doesn’t make concept clear. Either read standard book after or before watching lecture to get best out of it. I know it will take time but its the best way. There is no shortcut for this. In notes mark time and video number with topic as it will take less time to find that topic when you want to refresh the topic.