Toc quotient problem


Given L1 = (bbabaa) and L2 = (ab*). The regular expression corresponding to language L3 = L1/L2 (right quotient) is given by


given that L1={bbabaa}
L1. Of word length 1{b}
L1 of word length 2{bb}
L1 of word length3.{bba}.
L1 of word length4{bbab}.
L1 of word length5{bbaba}.
L1 of word length6{bbabaa}
L1 of word length7{bbabaa}…

given L2={ab*}
L2 of word length 1{a}.
L2 of word length2{ab}.
L2 of word length 3{abb}.
L2 of word length 4{abbb}.

Right quotient is

Let L1 is the language {fish,dog,carrot} and that L2 is the language {rot}. Then L1/L2, the quotient of L1 by L2, is the language {car}, because car is the only string for which you can append something from L2 to get something from L1.

L1/L2={bb,bbab,bbaba,bbabaa}.so this is L3