Subnet mask for a particular network is given. find the pairs of IP


#1 is the subnet mask for a particular network. Which of the following pairs of IP addresses could belong to this network?

(A) and

(B) and

© and

(D) and


it must be answer B
because it follow this it is true the condition
IP(1) Bitwise-And subnet mask == IP(2) Bitwise-And subnet mask


it must be D.

The subnet belongs to Class B, since its net id is 255.255 .

So, we can conclude that either option could be (A) or (D).

Now, the question asks that the the IP should be same network, so, to test that the IP are in same network we check that whether their netwrok address is same, by using AND operation.

IP AND MASK = network address

In case of option A, we can see that when we apply AND operation to first byte of IP and first byte of MASK both the IP will give same, but when we apply AND operation is applied on second byte then both the IP gives different. So, option A is eliminated and hence Option D is selected because both IP has first and second IP as same.