Routing algorithm


In selective flooding
a) Packets are sent in all outgoing lines.
b) Packets are sent in only those lines that are approximately in the right direction.
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of these.


There are generally two types of flooding available, uncontrolled flooding and controlled flooding.

Uncontrolled flooding is the fatal law of flooding. All nodes have neighbors and route packets indefinitely. More than two neighbours creates a broadcast storm.

Controlled flooding has its own two algorithms to make it reliable, SNCF (Sequence Number Controlled Flooding) and RPF (Reverse Path Forwarding).

A variant of flooding called selective flooding partially addresses these issues by only sending packets to routers in the same direction. In selective flooding the routers don’t send every incoming packet on every line but only on those lines which are going approximately in the right direction.

So (b) is the answer