Question on input and output


a data source produces 7-bit IRA characters to each of which is appended a parity bit.Derive an expression for the maximum effective data rate over an R-bps line for Asynchronous transmission,with a 2-unit stop bit.


Is this a correct approach ?


Asynchronous transmission, with a 2 unit stop element
There are 7 data bits, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits.
Percentage overhead =(1+1+2)/(1+7+1+2)×100%
g = 7/(1+7+1+2)
Maximum effective data rate ® =0.63*R bps


you are wrong.
how can you take the unit stop bits as 1.5 when the data given was 2 ???
see the question once before you post the answer…
dont just take the screen shot and keep it in the answers