PSU or Teaching?


Better to work in PSUs or go for teaching?


depends,When you hear the word PSU some others words automatically attaches to it namely stability,steady career growth ,work life balance.Same can be said about teaching.Teaching is more of a personal choice and requires a little bit inborn passion.In jobs everybody adjusts.So decide.
Renumeration is good in both.


After working in PSU for almost 35 years and looking life in PSU more closely. I have few points for youngsters joining PSU.

  1. Life is very balanced. Life is stable. People take stability word so lightly, but in true sense keeping a life stable and less volatile, I will say you achieved most of Karma in your life.
  2. Learning drastically decreases, but now things are improving and youngsters are quite active in learning, starting their own mini startups, working on their hobbies.
  3. The feeling of community and social responsibility is in every one’s heart.
  4. Best retirement plan.
  5. Truly it decreased my lot of desires, a contacted my lot of friends in other jobs, all are lacking these things.

Going for Mtech, then teaching,
I would have gone for it, if my financial conditions at that time might be better. Education is great field, and joining as proffs in NITs , IITs is more glorified thing.