1)Write 8 string functions in php.
2)Write 8 array functions in php(which operates on array)
3)What are magic functions ?
4)Does php support multiple inheritance .How can we support multiple inheritance.
5)What isshot form of echo ?
6)Difference between var_dump and print_r ?
6)Difference between echo and print ?
7)What are traits in php ?
8)What is PDO ?
9)Does php has a destructor?
10)What are static keywords in php ?
11)Where is the path of php interpretor in ubuntu ?
12)Synatx of foreach,for and while loop.
13)What is the difference between get and post?
14)What is the maximum length of url allowed in php?
15)How can I see the php file location?
16)What is virtual host ?
17)Where you map ip address to address,file name ?
18)What is final class ?FInal functions ?
19)Image upload functions in php.