Operating systems-Self doubt on "Page fault service time"


When I was going through PY questions regarding page faults this is the equation which is being used :

Let p be the probability of a page fault (0 ≤ p ≤ 1). We would expect p to be close to zero—that is, we would expect to have only a few page faults. The effective access time is then :
effective access time = (1 − p) × ma + p × page fault time.

But not this : p * (pfst+ ma )+(1-p) * ma because “ma” is negligible wrt to page fault service time.
And there are these 12 steps mentioned in galvin if there occurred a page fault and the one which is causing a doubt to me is this one on the 10th place :
10. Correct the page table and other tables to show that the desired page is now in memory.

And then there is this figure also from william stallings that clearly shows that at the end we are updating the page tables.

My doubt is, if this page table updation is included in page fault servie time then what is that “ma” that we ignore by saying it is neglible and if this ma itself is page table updation time then why are we not including it in the equation.