How to prepare along with working in MNC?


How do I manage my time to study for the GATE CSE 2018 along with my 9-10 hours of work in an MNC?


Okey 9–10 hours work

Travel time : 1 hour expected : In this time you can solve good questions and discuss at GateStack - Discussion for GATE CSE

Now time left: 13 hours

Sleep: 7–8 hours

Time left: 5 hours

Daily Chores: 2–3 hours

Left with 2 hours daily and 10 hours on weekends

Now, how to utilize this 2 hours.

Every day choose one topic only: Starting from a data structure, you choose, heap tree , try to cover it in two hours from Wikipedia only, or any other good book.

Practice old questions next day in your travel time or take out 30 mins. Similarly, you have to choose every day one small single topic and you will see by December, you will be able to complete 70% syllabus.

Just you have to make a complete exhaustive list of topics breaking them into a module of two hours .