Gate strategy that can make a huge difference in rank( 1 + 1 = 2 )


This is a post to help students who are preparing for GATE CSE 2018. When Students start preparing for gate,
they come across many topics.They start on them but at some point a difficult concept will come and then
they will give up and switch up to some different topic and then when a difficult topic comes again they
move to another topic ,the cycle goes on and on and after 4 -5 months of study ,you find out you have not
gained much as in learning new concepts or solving more difficult problems.

There is a solution for it ,I call it 1 + 1 = 2 trick.
Any concept you take how much complicated it is ,in the end its like 1 + 1 = 2.
That particular concept has become difficult for you to learn because either you are approaching it the wrong way or you dont have patience to really understand the core thing behind a particular concept.
You dedicate some time to it,and then when things doesnt start making sense to you,you switch to another topic again believing it will be easier to you to understand but at some point you encounter another new concept and then you are struck again.

If you have really understood a concept,you can answer any question on it,no matter what difficulty.
In the end you will realise everything,every logic in it makes sense .It was so simple ,it was like 1 + 1 = 2.
So next time you go through a difficult concept,just have some patience,fight through it,learn through example,ask questions why this thing needed to be done in this manner,how this thing is helping.

Also Gate CSE Aspirants gain maximum from this strategy because everything is just conceptual.
All is logic,you just need to understand it correctly.Your mind should have crystal clear concepts in it not some vague doubtful stuff which cause confusion.

So next time you see a difficult concept ,just say to yourself.Its easy like 1 + 1 = 2.
We are doing this because of this,by the help of this,this thing helps because we are doing this.

1 + 1 = 2.

Examples -

1.Why insertion sort is best when array is partially sorted ?
2.Whats the smallest integer that can be represnted in 8 bit using 2s complement?
3.Breadth First Search can give two different paths if edge lengths are not unique?How?
4.Breadth first search indeed gives you shortest path when all edge lengths are same ,how?
5.Why Dijistras dont work for negative edges ?
6.How creating First Follow sets helps in derivation?
Why for a production
A -> BC ,Follow of C = Follow of A (Why it is defined like that,there is some logic to it)
A -> BCD ,Follow of C = Follow of A if D can produce epsilon (Why ?)

7.When shift reduce conflicts take place,How we solve it?
8.Why A union B = A + B - A intersection B (Can somebody give a other explanation than venn diagra,its very basic and you will be delighted when you will know it)
9.How Bayes theorem formula works ?

If you can think like that coupled with regular study of subjects in which practice is required like
operating system,compilers can be understood very easily specially the parsing section.
Theory of computation also full conceptual.
Then you can dedicate your time in computer networks.Practice more and more there.
This way you can get a very good rank.
Maximum benefit,minimum work.