Explain deadlock in DBMS?


Is deadlock in DBMS and OS same ?


The concept of “DEADLOCK” remains same everywhere.
In a multi-process system, deadlock is an unwanted situation that arises in a shared resource environment, where a process indefinitely waits for a resource that is held by another process.
This concept is applied anywhere and everywhere which involves multi-process environment.


It is the concept of operating system.means of deadlockis a lock having no key.Means when process gone in deadlock so the process is not executing and all the process are depend to each other.


Deadlock is same in all conditions

A deadlock is a condition wherein two or more tasks are waiting for each other in order to be finished but none of the task is willing to give up the resources that other task needs. In this situation no task ever gets finished and is in waiting state forever.
The four conditions for a deadlock occurrence:

Mutual exclusion condition
Hold and wait condition
No preemption condition
Circular wait condition