Eligibility for Gate exam


Wanted to clear this confusion.
Last year the gate brochure mentioned that third year computer science students were not eligible to write gate.Many of the students from my college who were in third year last year wrote gate 2017 and one also got a rank under 200.
This year the brochure and eligibility criteria are same.Brochure mentions that only final year and degree holders can apply. So what is it?
Third year students can or cannot apply for gate 2018.?
PS:I am asking in context of computer science engineering students only.
Clarification would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.



@guru07 !! Taking reference from the sheet shared by @Ritwiksengupta7 , third year pass guy or fourth year students can definitely apply for gate 2018


Thanks for the reply.
It is mentioned that final year students can apply. BE is a four year degree. So third year is not the final year.Then how can third year students apply?
Help please as the last date for application is fast approaching and I dont want to get disqualified for wrong application.:pray::pray:


Thanks @Ritwiksengupta7


Sorry for the edit third year pass students can give the GATE examination only


Only the final year students can


Thank you @amith_patil.


Thanks @GateStack . :slightly_smiling_face: