Comunnication channel


Consider a source computer transmitting a file of size bits to a destination computer over a network of two
routers and three links . connects to ; connects to ; and connects
to . Let each link be of length 100 km. Assume signals travel over each link at a speed of meters per second. Assume
that the link bandwidth on each link is 1 Mbps. Let the file be broken down into 1000 packets each of size 1000 bits. Find the
total sum of transmission and propagation delays in transmitting the file from S to D?
(A) 1005 ms
(B) 1010 ms
© 3000 ms
(D) 3003 ms


in this question u forgot to mention two router names and three links names and which router connects to source and which router coonnects to destination and which routrs are connected.and also u forgot to mention the signal travel speed at each please provide this information