Complete resource list for digital logic


Digital Logic

It is more associated with electronics but is also an essential part of computer science. Topics like boolean algebra, combinational and sequencial circuits, minimization, number representation and computer arithematic are covered in this subject. To prepare this subject for GATE, here are some of the best resources.

  1. Ravindra Babu Ravula:
    Follow this playlist to understand the basics of digital logic designs required for GATE.
  2. NPTEL:
    It is a lecture on youtube taken by a renowned professor of IIT Madras. It covers the basics of digital logics.
  3. IEEE standard 754 floating point representation:
    It is one of the important topic of digital logic. Following link provides you written tutorial.
  4. IEEE 754 single precision ranges:
    You can learn this from following link.
  5. Number representations:
    This is one of the most important topics of digital logics.
  6. Booths Algorithm:
    This topic is considered to be the basic of how a computer actually performs different operations. You can learn this from following link.
  7. Fixed point representation:
    This topic is covered in following link.
  8. Best Books.
    This website tells you the best book for each subject to prepare for GATE.
  9. Following link provides you handwritten notes of top students of previous GATE exams.
    It covers the basics of digital logic. Although, it is just an introduction video, the following videos in the playlist covers entire digital logics for GATE.
    It is also a youtube video that starts right from the basics to the depth of digital electronics required for GATE.
    It is also a basic video on youtube but it goes beyond the syllabus of GATE. The lectures are from MIT, USA.
  13. Geeks for geeks:
    Boolean Algebra-
    Combinational circuits-
    Sequencial Circuits-
    Number representation-


Previous Year Solved Questions on the topic Number system. Refer:


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