Can mentors share your experiences with DRDO Interview?


Can mentors give insight on how their Interview went with DRDO and other PSUs , I got to know DRDO panel is very strict and very theoretical!


I was interviewed at DRDO through campus, the panel consists of 10 12 members along with one or two professors of your own college, they asked me my fvrt subject, I answered data structure and algorithms, so they asked me two questions
a) a array is increasing and then decreases, find the point at which this happens. I answered brute force first, then they asked me to use binary search, I was not able to answer it.
b) you are given a pointer to a node in link list and you have to delete that node, I was clueless in this too.

Then their are some people who asked me text book question like what is software testing or something I dont remember. I screwed those 2 questions, my professor asked me question why object is passed as reference in copy constructor which I answered correctly.
That was all, cpi matters, above 8 and average performance in interview can get u through.


I will share the experience of my daughter.

  1. Panel was very interactive and comfortable with the students and also with her.
  2. It went for around 20 mins.
  3. They asked for her favourite subject , she told Operating Systems,
  4. Question on Input/output devices was there , I used floppy in my times , and yesterday I bought new laptop which dont have CD drive :slight_smile:
  5. They also asked her about computer networks and how will you set up the system in a small village with low bandwidth.
  6. Then why DRDO over ISRO or mtech.
  7. I told her to join for Mtech, but her passion is in aircrafts, I dont how she will learn on from here . Today’s Kids :smiley: