Can anyone share his/her daily schedule for next 5 months till exam?


Hello every one , guys can you share your daily schedule for preparing the exams.


My schedule :
September 11-20 – Dbms
September 20-30 – Discrete maths
October 1-10 – OS (Processes, threads, inter-process communication, concurrency and synchronization)
oct 10- 20 – Dbms (left portion)
oct 20-30 – os (left part)
Nov complete - theory of computation + engineering maths
December – compiler + network theory + digital logic (december full winter holidays )
January --revise + architecture and organisation ()

every saturday for 1 hour = ds+algo
Feb revision


It depends from candidate to candidate.
but first you should study main topics like TOC, OS DS, DBMS, NETWORK, this would cover you 40-50% of questions
And then go for test series and previous year questions