Books/resources for preparation of gate cse 2018



programming book by Dennis Ritchie

It is recommended that after learning the basics ,you should make atleasst 100 small programs in C of output and pointers,thats the best way.

Compiler design:

Principles of Compiler Design Textbook by Alfred Aho and Jeffrey Ullman

Theory of computation:

Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation
Textbook by Jeffrey Ullman and John Hopcroft.

Michel Sipser book read it only for for Un-decidability, Recursive and Recursively Enumerable languages

Operating system:

Internals and Design Principles Book by William Stallings

Operating System Concepts
Book by Avi Silberschatz ,galvin(scheduling, synchronization, memory management).,_8th_Edition[A4].pdf

Attempt problems in Stallings they are very important especially problems on memory management and virtual memory.

Computer network :

Computer Networks Book by Andrew S. Tanenbaum,Tanenbaum book is best for data link layer,network layer,transport layer.Solve all the exercise .

For application layer read kurose and rose.

Digital logic :

Digital Logic and Computer Design Book by M. Morris Mano


Introduction to algorithms Thomas H coreman.

Data structures and Algorithms – Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman

Computer architecture:

A Quantitative Approach – Hennessy and Patterson.


Database System Concepts Textbook by Avi Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, and S. Sudarshan

(For normalization).
Also read wikipedia directly ,has good examples on normal forms.

Discrete Maths:

Kenneth Rosen :Concepts are well explained and there are lot of problems for practice after each topic in a chapter.

You may want to try Discrete mathematics by K.D Joshi for enumerations and derivations.Its unique and helpful ,if you can get proofs to understand,you will be more comfortable in problem solving.

In limited time,read from wikipedia directly,understand the concept with the given example,try to understand the proof given.And after that you can go straight to problem solving.A distinct but effective way.



B+ trees -


Theory of Computation (Paperback)
By: A.M. Natarajan (Author) , A. Tamilarasi (Author) , P. Balasubramani (Author) is also a good book !!


for learning python go through this link topic wise !!