Bit .....stuffing


The output generated after bit stuffing a protocol with 8-bit delimiter pattern is 0111110010.What is the input string given?


Rohini can you give me some insight regarding the 8 bit delimiter pattern since since I never read about it.


The question is about bit stuffing.can i put an image of the topic.


In bit stuffing we will add a 8 bit delimiter pattern 01111110 at both start and end of the pattern given at sender site. Then we will insert a zero after every 5 consective 1’s present in the pattern.This is stuffing. The modified data will be sent to the receiver where the 8 bits stuffed will be removed and also it removes the 0 added if it finds 5 consective 1’s so that it will receive the actual message sent. This is destuffing.


In this example i have given the modified data after stuffing without the 8 bit delimiter. Now according to this find the 5 consective 1’s and remove the 1st zero present next to them.Then we will get the actual pattern.
The given data is 0111110010
The destuffed data will be 011111010


Yes but is the delimiter pattern always 01111110. Since you haven’t given delimiter pattern so I was confused. :slight_smile:


K generally according to the topic we have to add delimiter. But in competitive questions they will give like this. So i have framed the question in the same manner😊


The 8 bit pattern will be always same there will be no change according to the books i have studied. If there is any change i will reply you.