Aptitude ( seating arrangement)


Seven friends A, B, C, D, E, F & G are sitting around a round table facing inward and outward. Each of them works in different departments, as- Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource, Joint Venture, Investment Banking and Entrepreneur but not definitely in the same order.

C is sitting third to the right of G. G is facing towards center. Only a person sits between the Human Resource Department employee and C. Neighbors of C are facing towards outward. Only a person is sitting between F & D. F & D are facing towards center. D does not work in Human Resource Department. A is appointed in Investment Banking Department. A is facing towards center. Two persons are sitting between the employees of Investment Banking Department & Marketing Department. The person who works in Joint Venture department is sitting just left to E. C is facing the same direction in which E is looking. The person who works in Sales Department & is sitting just left to the person of Entrepreneur Department.

Who is sitting just right to E?
1.Employee of Entrepreneur
2.Employee of Sales
3.Employee of Marketing
4.Employee of HR
5.None of these


4 Employee of HR(i.e. F)


Can you explain more how to approach these questions


Go with the flow. Watch out the hint. Like in this question, we fetch a start from the 2nd statement which states G facing centre. Draw all the possibilities coz in many a question there come situations in which more than one possibility can happen.