Any good resource for TOC?


Please share Books and resources for theory of computation?


Video lectures can help( Ravindrababu Ravula)

#3 Go for this course, though its bit boring, but you will learn a lot , dont go for it if you dont have much time to prepare


Best reference books for “Theory of computation” :

  1. “Introduction to Theory of computation” by Michael sipser.
  2. “The Theory of computation” by Bernard M.Moret.
  3. “Introduction to Languages and The Theory of compuation” by John Martin.
  4. “Introduction to Automata Theory,Languages and Computation” by John E.Hopcroft,Rajeev Motwani,Jeffrey D Ullman.
  5. “Theory of computation : A Problem solving-Approach(WIND)” by Kavi Mahesh.
  6. “Introduction to Automata Theory,Formal Languages and computation” by Kandar